Harcourts Just Rentals is one of the most experienced group of property experts who manage residential property in the Whangarei area and outer districts. We pride ourselves as being Whangarei's superior Property Management company, because our vast local experience and presence in the local community mean our service is tailored perfectly to home owners in the area. Just Rentals was founded in 1992 and Harcourts Just Rentals is now the largest specialist property management company in Northland.

It is our goal to ensure all landlords get the most value from their investment when they choose to work with Harcourts Just Rentals. We achieve this through the Harcourts Promise, which is our commitment to delivering an exceptional level of service. We promise to:

  • Have a concise, clear and effective communication plan
  • Provide you with exceptional professional management
  • Maximise your returns on investment
  • Provide you with a highly effective marketing strategy
  • Minimise your risks as a property owner

We provide the right support for tenants too, making sure there is clarity and transparency of obligations and responsibilities and make sure they are satisfied with their rental.

To balance the expectations across all parties, we work in a very open, collaborative environment. We are a team who loves a challenge and even more, loves working together to find solutions. Our POD system structure of a dedicated team of three for each property (senior property manager, tenancy manager and asset manager) continues to guarantee our owners that they can be confident there is a brilliantly focussed team looking after their valuable asset. The team also includes our very passionate and very informed New Business Consultant, Renee Wilkinson. Renee's knowledge for investors in the Whangarei area is invaluable and our Harcourts Just Rentals clients, work closely with Renee to make the best decisions for their asset. 

Whether you are looking for one-off advice, a team discussion to solve a problem or reliable support in managing your property, you can find it with Harcourts Just Rentals.