Everything you need to know about Bream Bay life...  


Location: Located just off State Highway One, two hours north of Auckland Bream Bay consists of three major towns; Ruakaka, One Tree Point and Waipu.
Population: Around 6,000 people live in the coastal and rural areas surrounding Bream Bay.
Climate: Highs of around 24-28 degrees throughout Summer and about 10-14 degrees in winter. Long days full of sunshine in Summer and short days with plenty of rainfall in Winter. It’s the perfect coastal area through Summer!
Economy: The Northland economy has been built upon tourism, farming, timber and marine engineering.
People: Northland as a whole region has a rich Maori heritage and around a quarter of the Whangarei population identify as Maori.



There are four major schools in the Bream Bay area, each of wish have fantastic community support.

Bream Bay College Secondary School (years 7 – 15)
Ruakaka Primary School (years 1 – 6)
One Tree Point Primary School (years 1 – 6)
Waipu Primary School (years 1 – 6)



With both private and public first class hospitals, just 25 minutes North in Whangarei, Bream Bay’s healthcare is well serviced. The Bream Bay Medical Centre includes eight GPs located in Ruakaka Town Centre and there is also the St John Bream Bay group who provide emergency ambulance services to local residents.



The Ruakaka Community Library is located just behind the shopping centre in Ruakaka Town. It contains a large selection of books, resources and provides community internet access. To learn more about the library including contact details and opening times, please visit the Bream Bay website.


Nature Walks

There are plenty of stunning nature walks you can do around the Bream Bay region – just about anywhere gives you stunning coastal views – but there is one walk that everyone should try to do; the Waipu Coastal Walkway. It’s a reasonably challenging walk that includes steps, rocks and in some cases, tidal water. The track gives spectacular iviews out to the Hen and Chickens Islands and up to Whangarei Heads. It is maintained by the Waipu Lions Club so it is a great community treasure. To learn more about the walk please click here and to see other walks available around the region, please click here.



As part of Northland, the Bream Bay region supports most of the same sporting clubs and teams as Whangarei does. You can take a look at the Sport Northland website to learn more. However, there are some hidden gems in Bream Bay that you can’t find in the city. The Waipu Golf Course has to be one of the greens with the best view across the world. While you’re teeing off take a look out and across the gorgeous shore line. If you want the kids to get active at the beach, they can be enrolled in Nippers at Ruakaka Surf Lifesaving and might grow up to patrol the beach and keep the locals safe one day. There are also plenty of fishing competitions throughout the year down at Marsden Marina as well as kayaking and canoeing, so whatever your active dream, you can enjoy it here.  



One of the best things about living in Northland is our beautiful beaches. White sandy beaches, crystal clear water, surf beaches as well as protected coves – we really do have it all. There are three major beaches around the area; One Tree Point Beach, Ruakaka Beach and Waipu Cove Beach. Waipu is a particularly busy hot spot across the Summer months with lots of tourists enjoying holidays there. You can venture a little further South to Langs Beach or back towards the North to Uretiti Beach, too.


Activities & Fun

There is so much to do around the area with natural beaches and coastal walks but we’re lucky in Bream Bay to have even more. The Ruakaka Race Course is the predominant race course in Northland and there is plenty on there all year round. The Race Course puts on family days, ladies’ days and charity race days across the year so there is always something exciting to do. There is also the Waipu Museum located in the heart of Waipu that showcases the unique story of the local area including the Scotish migration to Nova Scotia and then to the shores of Bream Bay. There is also the Waipu Museum shop that sells souvenirs and historical goods to browse while you stop by. There are plenty of other activities to check out when you’re here so visit BreamBay.co.nz to learn all about them.


Dining & Restaurants

You’re never short of a delicious bite to eat in Bream Bay and there is a great selection to choose from. Our favourites are the Land and Sea Café at Marsden Cove Maria – it is down the road from our Bream Bay office and we can guarantee the coffees and cakes are to die for! The Waipu Pizza Barn is an icon in its own right and we really recommend everyone getting there over the Summer months before it closes down for Winter. You can also find a great Indian restaurant, a roast house plenty of fish and chip shops and more across the region so enjoy exploring with your taste buds! Visit BreamBay.co.nz to take a look at the restaurant list.