Spring Cleaning Checklist

We can finally say that Spring is here! The days are getting longer, daylight savings is about to start and we’re all getting ready to enjoy the beautiful Northland warm weather. That means it is the best time of year to do some Spring Cleaning!

Here’s our fail-safe spring cleaning checklist to get your home and garden looking beautiful and feeling fresh for the months to come.

Do you have any spring cleaning hacks or tips? Leave them in the comments below!

The Whole House

  • Clean interior windows 

  • Wash floors & carpets

  • Dust & disinfect surfaces

  • Wipe down walls

  • Wash curtains & wipe down blinds 

  • Dust & wipe down bookshelves

  • Donate old books to charity

  • Change lightbulbs & smoke alarm batteries



  • Sort through bedroom cupboards & donate

  • Sort through books & toys & donate

  • Wipe down wardrobes and inside cupboards

  • Clean & flip mattresses

  • Wash winter bedding, air out & put away

  • Disinfect all bathroom & kitchen surfaces

  • Clean bathroom & kitchen drains 

  • Scrub showers & bathtubs 

  • Wipe down appliances

  • Clean inside oven & around stove



  • Clean out gutters 

  • Pressure clean driveway &

  • decking

  • Pressure clean exterior surfaces 

  • Clean all sliding door tracks 

  • Clean exterior windows 

  • Wipe down all exterior furniture 

  • Clean the barbeque

  • Weed the garden & remove debris