8 Reasons Everyone is Moving to Northland

In the last two years Northland has experienced the third highest population growth out of the whole of New Zealand, largely driven by people moving from other regions to ours. Why are we so popular? We can think of a good few reasons and if you’re trying to convince someone else to move here too, send them this article and see what you think!


The best beaches

This is no secret, but we have the best beaches right on our door step! Whether you’re looking for somewhere protected and quiet, a good surfing beach, somewhere ideal for the kids to have a splash and play in the sand or somewhere to relax, it’s never more than 30 minutes from your door step! We have some favorites in our office, click here to take a look!


Plenty of Schools

One of the things that makes Northland, especially Whangarei and Bream Bay, an ideal place for family living is the number of great schools in the region. There are both private and public, religious and non-denominational primary, intermediate and secondary schools in the area with great communities. No matter what style of education suits your family, there is a school to match.


Beautiful walks

If you love getting active in nature, then Northland is the place for you! With one of the most stunning combinations of rugged coastline and dense forest inland, a new adventure is never far. There are tracks for all levels of ability and they go for varying distances. Right in the heart of Whangarei you can climb Mt Parihaka or do the Town Basin Loop.


Beach and the Farm: Best of both worlds!

There aren’t too many places where you can spend the morning at the beach and the afternoon on the farm, but in Northland you can! You really have the best of both worlds and there are some great places you can take the kids on a day trip or weekend away to give them a taste of farm life – even if they’re a city kid.


Great Markets

Northland has some of the most amazing markets with a whole range of products! You can get fresh produce for the week, flowers, hand crafted artesian goods (Mangawhai Heads is especially great for this!) and so much more without having to travel too far. It’s always good to support local businesses and farmers and that is easy to do when you live in Northland. Click here to check out a list of upcoming markets.



Another thing that isn’t exactly a secret, but Whangarei has the best fishing around… hands down! With plenty of boat ramps from Bream Bay to Whananaki and amazing spots just off the coastline it’s a dream place to live for anyone who enjoys fishing. You can even head further north and enjoy some stunning fishing from the Bay of Islands.


Heaps of sport for the kids

A favourite thing about living in Northland is the ability to live a very active lifestyle, something that is so great for kids. We have some world-class facilities in Whangarei and there isn’t a sport that isn’t offered for the kids! Whatever they want to try, there is a class around so the Northland lifestyle keeps them off the iPad and out in the sunshine.


Good Economy

One of the best things about Northland, particularly the Whangarei and Bream Bay areas, is the great economic climate. This means plenty of jobs! An influx of people to the area mean more businesses are opening and older ones expanding, so a move to Whangarei is one people can do with confidence.


The next time someone asks you, why is everyone moving to Northland? You can show them this article, chances are they’ll be moving too!