7 things you don't know our Property Managers do!

Property Managers. In our office they’re an unusual bunch, it seems they never stop working! But what exactly do they do? The truthful answer to that question? A Lot.

Here are some of the things property managers do that you probably didn’t know…


Our Property Managers give advice

They help our Landlords to make critical decisions about their properties like how much the rent should be, what type of tenant they should look for, what they need to do to maintain their property and how they can improve their return on investment.


Our Property Managers clean

They don’t just do regular, entry and exit inspections… They help to make sure your properties are kept to the best standards at all times. This even involves some of their own elbow grease from time to time.


Our Property Managers repair

What happens when your property requires maintenance? They organise it for you. Finding the best team for the job is part of their job and they always make sure your property is in the best condition.


Our Property Managers manage conflict and disputes

This is something that shouldn’t, but does happen – disputes and conflict between tenants and Landlords. Our Property Managers manage these issues and help with mediation, sometimes involving the NZ tenancy tribunal.


Our Property Managers answer calls – at all hours

Things can go wrong at all times of the day and night and our Property Managers are there to help all the time. Quite literally, someone in the team is always on call after hours and around to help our clients.


Our Property Managers are learning

They stay up to date with all of the latest legislation and rules so the properties they manage are always in the best hands. This isn’t an easy feat with things often changing!  


Our Property Managers give support

Most importantly, our Property Managers are some of the most supportive, helpful and kind people we know. This is why their clients love working with them so much! At the end of their own tough day, they’re still there to look after the best interests of their clients.


So next time you’re speaking with one of our Property Managers, tell them just how great they are and just how appreciated they are… They’re tough workers and do SO much in their day.