Quick and easy ways to make your home more eco-friendly!

In our world today every little thing we do to look after our planet counts. Too many of us believe that their little contributions won’t make a difference, but if you do a little bit of something every day to look after our environment, across a lifetime that makes a very big impact.

So here are some fast, easy and simple things you can do to make your home more green…


Install energy efficient lightbulbs

Energy efficient lightbulbs are inexpensive and easy to find. Just take a look at the range in Mitre10 and you can find one with the right colour and strength to match an existing one. It is a small change that you will hardly notice and it only takes a moment to do!


Install efficient showerheads

Water is precious and we should be careful with how much we use. Installing an efficient showerhead will decrease the pressure slightly so you use less water each time you shower. It’s a little price to pay for a big contribution to the environment around us!


Carpet, curtains and good windows

You can do a little “self-insulation” around the home by making some small changes. Make sure you have good, thick carpet, dark curtains and good glass in your windows. This can help to keep the heat in or out depending on what time of year it is and reduce the frequency you heat pumps or air conditioners.


Use green or environmentally friendly cleaning products

You can get so many great, inexpensive eco-friendly cleaning products from supermarkets (like this Ecostore range). As technology has changed, formulas are now far more intensive and do a great job just like regular cleaning products. You are putting less chemicals into the environment and doing just a good job at keeping the house clean!


Buy locally

Instead of buying produce from big super markets, head to the local markets instead. Local farmers are less likely to use pesticides and chemicals on their products so you’re getting fresher, more delicious food, often at a lower price and helping the world around you all at once!


Rethink food waste

Instead of throwing vegetable scraps in the big, create a compost heap in the garden or give them to someone you know who has chickens! If you have kids, teach them how to create compost and let them sell it locally for a couple of dollars a bag!


There are so many small changes we can make to improve the world around us. If you have any ideas to contribute leave them in the comments below!