The secrets to marketing your property and selling it for top dollar

Once you make the decision to sell, how do you decide to market your property? The truth is that you could spend thousands on it if you aren't strategic with it. Here are the secrets to marketing your property so you get top dollar when it comes to the sale time. These tips will help your home to present well, generate a competitive market and they will ensure your advertising channels reach the right people in the right way. 

Know your buyer

Who is your buyer? You have to start by asking yourself this question. If you don’t have an idea about what your buyer will look like, then how can you make the right decisions about promoting your home? Different buyer pools take in different types of media. For example, millennials buying their first house are likely to head online straight away when they begin searching for a home. But older couples looking to downsize are likely to take the more traditional approach of looking through the newspaper. An investor won’t necessarily be looking at the same newspaper sections or social media profiles as either of those two groups – so you see, each buyer pool is different!

Online presence

More than 80% of Kiwis look online to find properties for sale, so it’s essential your property has a presence on the worldwide web. Consider how to get the most exposure, and include plenty of details so potential buyers can put serious thought in. For Northland properties and are the leading online sites.

Great images

Make sure your home looks pretty as a picture to attract the maximum number of buyers to come and view it in person. The first encounter many will have with your property is by viewing photographs online, in real estate magazines or agency windows, or in the property section of the local paper, so it is crucial they make a good first impression. It is worth paying for a professional photographer who can ensure images are taken from the right angle, get the lighting right and show your home at its very best, as those pictures may just prompt a future buyer to fall in love.

Street signage

A ‘For Sale’ sign outside your home may feel a little old-fashioned in our virtual world, but it’s important to catch the attention of those who may not actively be looking for a new property, or those who always have an eye on your street or neighbourhood for the dream home. People hunting for property use up to four extra resources on top of online research, including sale signage, magazines and brochures, and agency window displays while searching, so the more places you shout ‘For Sale’, the better.

Open homes

The actual look and feel of a property is something that can’t be construed through photos alone, so holding open homes and private viewings is key to marketing your property. Giving prospective buyers the chance to walk through your home, imagine themselves in it, and get a feel for the surrounding neighbourhood will ensure you have some serious buyers in the mix when it comes time to sell.


Video marketing has come a long way and there are now so many different ways to do videos to suit all budgets. You can start with a snippet 30 second video that is like a slideshow which is ideal for social media. Over 100 million hours of video is watched on Facebook every day, so it's a great way to get eyeballs on your home. Or you can do a drone video of the property exterior if it is well-located or has particular farming or lifestyle block features. However if you want to take your video to the next level, you can pair the two and do an exterior drone and an interior drone fly through of the property. This is fantastic for high end properties that may have buyers coming from far and wide as it informs them well about the property - visually too, which is what people like most. 

A great agent

Word of mouth and personal recommendations count for a lot when it comes to making a major purchase such as a new home. A committed and enthusiastic real estate agent will be able to tell people about your property, put the word out to other agents who might have interested buyers, and follow up with potential buyers about their intentions. An approach like this will make sure you have reached as many people as possible, and make you feel secure that, in turn, you get the best price possible.