Don't need a property manager? Here's eight reasons you're probably wrong...

The whole concept of property management comes down to one thing - making things easier for home owners. If you're not sure why you should get a property manager, then read this... 

1. Property managers handle all legal matters and have up to date training and education about property legislation. 

2. Property managers take care of the financial management including enforcing payment due dates and managing debtors, something that can be uncomfortable and time consuming. 

3. Property managers handle dispute resolution so you have a middle man to manage any problems with tenants or other parties regarding your home. 

4. Property managers take care of all communication with tenants so you never have to feel uncomfortable with it. 

5. Property managers manage all property maintenance including inspecting it to ensure tenants are keeping it well and managing any repair work that may be required. 

6. Property managers provide you with regular reporting of both expenses and income so you always know how financially successful your investment is. 

7. Property managers use strict, tried and tested procedures for finding the right clients, making sure they are credible and trustworthy. 

8. Property managers are here to answer all of your property questions, no matter what they are.